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14 October 2010 @ 07:16 pm
The Second Fall chapter index  
Title: The Second Fall
Fandom: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
Pairing: Carth/fem!PC
Rated: M for sexual content and occasional profanity
Spoilers: Yes, for KotOR I and II
Status: In progress
Summary: Through their memories, the Republic war hero and the redeemed Jedi Knight struggle to reconcile their pasts while grappling with what is–and isn't–meant to be.

Author's note: It should be pretty obvious that I do not own KotOR or its characters. They belong to LucasArts/BioWare/Obsidian/John Jackson Miller, ingenious bastards.

I also want to give a HUGE thanks to lostacanthus for all the suggestions and wonderful brainstorming sessions. She's been with me on this little (big) project since day one, back when I had no idea what the hell I was doing with it. <3

> Chapter 1: Impressions
> Chapter 2: Suspicions
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